ZVac Eureka Type J Vacuum Bags 15 PK


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Product Description The quality of the air you breathe at home and the cleanliness of your carpets and upholstery is important to you, and it’s important to us here at, too. After hearing from customers that were frustrated by the performance of generic vacuum bags, we decided to make our own alternative to OEM sweeper bags. Careful design and research went into our ZVac Eureka Type J vacuum bags, and we’re pleased to offer these fine quality generic sweeper bags for an affordable price. Our generic Eureka Type J vacuum bags are made out of a material that closely resembles cloth. The breathable weave of our ZVac Eureka Type J vacuum bags makes them capable of trapping up to 99 percent of all fine particulates and allergens. This ensures that the particles and debris that can trigger respiratory systems are removed from the air instead of being released back into your home, as can happen with ordinary generic sweeper bags that are crafted from paper. Engineered to be as easy to install as possible, our generic Eureka Type J vacuum bags work with all models of Eureka vacuums that require Eureka Type J bags. These include the Eureka 2900, the Eureka 2270AT, the Eureka 2270B, the Eureka 2271A and the Eureka 2272. This value pack includes 15 ZVac Eureka Type J vacuum bags and is bulk priced to help you save even more off the cost of OEM sweeper bags. We also have larger packages and smaller packs available. You can easily browse the other options using the links below. Additional Information Condition : New UPC : 608939823969


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