ZVac Eureka 39348 Filter (1)


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Key Features Fits many Eureka vacuums, including Victory Series 4650 and 4680 upright cleaners. High quality replacement for part 39348. Includes 1 filter. Designed, Developed & Engineered by ZVac in America! Product Description Changing your Eureka vacuum’s filter is an easy way to extend functionality and get the best clean as possible from your machine. In fact, filters should be changed about every 3 months to ensure your vacuum cleaner is working properly. This pre-motor foam filter replacement from ZVac is designed to fit many Eureka vacuum cleaners, including models Victory 4650 and 4680 Series Uprights, Models 4640AV, 4640AV1, 4641AVC, 4640AVC1, 4654AT, 4654BT, 4640BT1, 4680AT, 4680AT1, 4680AT2, 4680AT3, 4682AT1, 4684AT, 4684AT1, 4684B, 4684B1, 4685AT, 4685AT1, 4685AT2, 4685ATV, 4685ATV1, 4685ATV2, 4687AT, 4687AT1, 4688ATV, 4689ATV, 4689ATV1, 4696AV, and 4686AV1. The filters provide superior quality at a great value and can replace part 39348. The filter meets all OEM standards. Additional Information Item Length: 6 Item Width : 5.7 Item Height : 0.7 Item Weight : 0.3 ounces Condition : New UPC : 757901693076


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